Spa Treatments #3

Image via Google Images Looking for more ways to pamper yourself? I always am. And these days that can get very expensive. That is exactly why I am sharing information that I read on easy, non expensive ways to pamper yourself right from home.

Do you want super-lustrous hair? Did you know that massaging your scalp with warm oil eases anxiety and smooths your hair so it looks shiny and glossy? Yes! It really does according to Daniel Krasofski, director of spa services at One Spa in L.A.

Here’s how to do it!

1. Heat up a few tablespoons of sesame, sweet almond or olive oil- it should be warm, but comfortable to the touch.

2. Before a shower, dip your fingers into the oil, and start massaging at the nape of the neck. Continually redipping, cover your entire scalp, moving up to your hairline.

3. Place a towel around your head and relax for 20 minutes.

4. In the shower, add shampoo directly to hair (do not get it damp first)- this allows the shampoo to breakdown the oil so it will wash away easily. Later and rinse.

Yields: 1 application

That’s it! Another easy way to pamper yourself, relax, and great some great looking hair! Stay tuned for more Spa Treatments from Eat, Love, Shop.

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  1. […] If you liked this post, check out Spa Treatments #3. […]

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