Life: One dish at a time

I’ve had so much going on in my life lately. I moved twice in the last few months. I am no longer in Missouri and have come back to my roots up in Iowa. I stayed at a small house for about a month until we could find our new house, which is a 3 acre farm that we fell in love with right away. Things are getting back to normal I think. I have been working on writing more and building readers. I have some other projects as well that I have steered away from a little bit to focus on everything going on in my life right now. I also will start school on Monday. I am really excited. I will be taking Psychology of Human Relations, Composition 2, and Statistics. I am ultimately working for a degree in Psychiatry (my life long goal). On top of that I am remodeling my nest. It needed all new paint, some plumbing, flooring, and a few other quirks.

I feel like I have been in overdrive for at least a month. Coming to Iowa also meant being closer to my immediate family again. Wow! I knew that would mean I would be a little busier, but not this much. I am the youngest of my siblings but sometimes I swear they think I am their mother! We lost our eight years ago and our family has been a bit of a mess ever since. I have my older sister that doesn’t have a driver’s license. She has two kids and is a full-time student. What does this mean for me? She wants me to do everything regarding transportation for her. Taking her to school, doctors appoints, leisure, shopping; the whole nine yards. I feel like I am on a 2 hour time clock with her. I get home and the phone rings. I have to get up and go again. I just feel like I am accomplishing nothing. Today I realized I have to take her kids an hour away to Ottumwa on Monday to a dentist appointment. Ironic. My first day of class is Monday. Guess I won’t be going! The running is driving me bananas. I am just going to have to be stern and let her know that I have my own life and that I can’t play mommy right now. Ugh.

On a good note… I finally reached contact with my older brother. I hadn’t spoken to him for over two years. We have not seen each other in person but we have emailed each other every single day. I do miss him a lot and hope to spend time with him when he is closer to me next spring.

Ah. Family. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.


Puss in Boots

So my life has been twisted upside down and inside out for the last couple of months. I hope that it will all come to order again soon. Oh and I brought home a surprise for my cat Puss in Boots today. I took a snap shot of him when I brought his present to him. He doesn’t look to impressed. Why you ask? Ah. Well I brought him Fiona. His new mate. She is still a baby. We just adopted her from someone and the minute I put her on the floor… she hit his food. He isn’t too happy right now. But I think in the long run he will be jumping for joy!





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