That’s Wicked Fresh!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are all exploring new ways to recycle and create a better place to live. There is so much we, as a group, can do for our planet. Along with people like myself, thankfully, there are also companies that stand behind this motive and support it tooth and nail. Tom’s Of Maine is just one of many standing up to increase almost 300,000 pounds of cardboard, cartons, paper, aluminum tubes, and other recycles every year.

The first experience I had with Tom’s Of Maine was when I signed up for Social Vibe. Social Vibe uses different media to allow us to raise money for charities. Basically, we spread the word and companies donate some real cash to these charities. I remember watching videos as an activity to raise money. The videos included a lot of information on the goals set out by Tom’s Of Maine.  I was impressed. I have been interested in this company ever since.

What exactly is Tom’s Of Maine? They are a natural products company that is committed to supporting the planet, people, and communities one personal care product at a time. Tom’s Of Maine has been in business for 40 years now and is not slowing down anytime soon.

Tom’s Of Maine creates all natural soaps, toothpaste, deodorant, dental floss, and mouthwash. I encourage everyone to try Wicked Fresh!™ Long-lasting Fresh Breath Toothpaste and Wicked Fresh!™ Mouthwash. The toothpaste gives you cavity protection and uses powerful natural flavor oils and a patent-pending botanical extract to provide long-lasting fresh breath. The Mouthwash helps stop bad breath without the burn. The refreshing mint flavors leave your whole mouth feeling clean.

All of Tom’s Of Maine products are free of artificial colors, flavors, fragrances, and preservatives. Absolutely no animal testing and rest assured that all packaging is recyclable.

I have enjoyed Tom’s Of Maine ever since I first watched their video and became interested in their products. I get a great feeling knowing that I am a part of something bigger than me. It’s time for us all to get involved. Take the time to visit Tom’s Of Maine to browse their goods and enter to win a $500 Target Gift Card and other Wicked Fresh Prizes on the That’s Wicked Fresh contest page!

Want to keep up with the trend? Join Tom’s of Maine on Facebook and follow them on twitter @TomsofMaine.

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