Blockbuster- Thank You!

I have been highly disappointed to see a large quantity of Movie Gallery stores close up shop. I loved going in to the video store and browsing to find that perfect movie. I am in a small town and there aren’t a lot of choices now. Plus I live about 10 miles outside city limits so making a trip to town to not find a good movie, is um… lame.

I did my spin with Netflix. They are a good company; fast, available, and have the ability to let me watch instant movies. The only thing is, the titles aren’t up to date. Netflix doesn’t carry New Releases. So eventually I was stuck watching 20 movies I had already seen. Boring.

Two days ago I decided to check out Blockbuster online. I am so glad I did. I browsed their site and decided to sign up for their FREE 2 week trial. I choose the 3 at a time option and created my account. I was required to add a credit card (obviously they will need this if the movies aren’t returned) but was not charged a red cent. Nice! The 3 at a time option allows me to check out up to 3 movies or games at a time. No due date and no late fees. I just checked my mail and there they were. I was so surprised because just two days ago I created an account. I am very pleased with how fast they arrived at my door. Only nice feature I found was the in store exchange. Blockbuster allows you to see if the movie you want is available and the store and you can pick it up there. You can also exchange the movies you have at home for in store movies at no extra cost. Now we are talking! It’s too bad that I am not close to a Blockbuster store because I would become a regular visitor. However, I think ordering my movies online with no due dates will work out perfectly.

Big thanks to Blockbuster. You outdid yourself. Now I am going to enjoy A Christmas Carol with the kids, watch Predators with the husband, and then unwind with a good chick flick, Charlie St. Cloud. Thanks so much for fast, premium service!


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