A glance at a Thanksgiving Primer

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

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A Thanksgiving Primer by Bill Hellbig is an article published in  Clarke Times Courier on November 17th, 2005. The article includes information about “Of Plymouth Settlement,” William Bradford’s clarification of what happened in Holland and what proceedings led up to their venture for the new world. Bill Hellbig writes “having observed up close and personal the systematical destruction and rewriting of America’s history,” as a teacher. I believe that Mr. Hellbig’s objective for publishing such an article was to enlighten American’s of the misplaced facts and history that still exists, rather than the traditional Thanksgiving teachings that the Pilgrims only came to America to preserve their use of the English language. Hellbig’s article includes direct quotations from “Of Plymouth Settlement,” which states four main reasons why the relocation occurred.

Bill Hellbig urges readers to teach their children America’s history and not just focus on “revisionist textbooks.” I found a Thanksgiving Primer to be both inspirational and informative. I hope I can also have the courage to pass down history rather than legend to my children and the generations to come.


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