On track again and more confused than ever!

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Welcome back to reality everyone! The holiday is over. Play time, feast time, and rest time are all done; but only for a month! And then it will be time to play again. If you noticed, the 30 Day Memoirs and other planned posts were postponed due to the holiday. Now I am back on track again. Tomorrow will be my second week back at school. I have enjoyed the few classes so far. Statistics isn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be, Composition 2 is going to be very interesting, and Psychology of Human Relations is, well, not going to be what I expected. But I love anything involved with Behavioral Sciences.

Last week I was told by my Comp 2 instructor that we would be handing in an eight page research paper right before Christmas break. Okay, so I have a month. That’s not too bad right? Well, I have to pick something in the category of Health and Medicine to research. Not so bad. I decided to go with something within Psychiatry and I am so confused. It would be easy if I could just write a paper on Psychiatry in general, but I am supposed to narrow a topic. Okay. So I have been fiddling over about 5 things and finally decided earlier today that I was going to write about Walter J. Freeman and Lobotomies. If you are unaware, Walter Freeman was a Psychiatrist that practiced lobotomies. Lobotomies were a procedure where a psychiatric patient was altered unconscious by electric shock therapy and then an ice pick was shoved behind the eye lid and back to the frontal lobe to remove portions of the brain. Pretty insane, right? Well after doing research I found that there are like 50 stories and getting the facts straight may just be impossible. And the entire point of my paper is to do a research paper from unbiased, legit information. Have you noticed how hard it is to get unbiased information anymore? Especially via the world-wide web. I probably looked like I was spinning in circles. Oh my!

But, yes I am back on track. Wow! Confused? Yes. Of course! But back on track. Look forward to my Memoirs and other fun posts coming soon!


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