Savory Sundays: an easy eat.

Tonight I made a very simple, delicious meal. I love my pastas and went for the quick Spaghetti tonight. I think I only spent a total of 30 minutes cooking tonight. Also, I cheated. Yes, I admit it! I didn’t make homemade tonight. I bought a pound of lean hamburger, a pound of spaghetti, and Ragu traditional sauce. So what if I cheated! It was good. And no complaints. Everyone enjoyed it. Oh, here’s a tip! If you have a problem getting your little ones to eat spaghetti sauce because the little ‘green’ things, onion pieces, or tomatoes… try Ragu traditional spaghetti sauce. It has all the good spices and veggies in it, but the little ones can’t see them. It’s always a hit at my house! I paired my sketti with a fresh, hand tossed salad and bread. Yummy.


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