Differential Regulation in Lean verses Obese Subjects

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The Endocrine Society released the “Differential Regulation of Plasma Obestatin and Ghrelin by Meal Intake and the Cholinergic System in Lean, But Not Obese Individuals. “ The journal entry focuses on a study conducted using random individuals, both lean and obese. The study was completed over four days with a total of sixteen participants (2 males and 6 females in each group). During the study, half were given Atropine and half were given a placebo. The objective was to find the regulation of obestatin release and obestation-to-ghrelin ratios by meal intake and the cholinergic system. In lean individuals, obestatin and ghrelin/obestatin ratios decreased considerably from base line by either atropine or meal intake. In obese subjects there were no significant differences. The obese subjects also showed greater association between ghrelin and obestatin values compared to the lean counterparts. Concluding the study they found that obestatin and ghrelin release is differentially regulated by meal intake and the cholinergic system in lean individuals and is impaired in obesity.


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