CarID Car Mats

Winter is here and my vehicle knows it! My Chevy Tahoe is taking a beating with all the muddy snow going in and out of it. I try to keep it as clean as I can of course, but when my four children are parading in and out of it… well things get a little messy. The weather isn’t helping much either. Thankfully there are just a simple things I can do to help keep up with the mess and turn clean up time into a faster, easier experience. I took a look around at the car mats for my Tahoe. I figure I could use an update for sure. At first I really wanted to go with something attractive and fashionable but then I found the RubberTite All-Weather Floor Mats. Perfect! They are simple, sleek floor mats that are designed specifically for my make, model, and year vehicle and they are ideal for the weather in my area.

LLOYD® - RubberTite™ All-Weather Floor Mats

I really like the overall design and the variety of colors and shapes/prices. I looked around Carid’s site and found the mats that were perfect for me. I simply entered my vehicle information and was able to view all the different options for my Tahoe. The All-Weather Floor Mats are designed to trap liquid, mud, dirt, etc. I live on a gravel road in southern Iowa and with all the dust in the spring and summer and snow in the winter, the All-Weather mats will make a great fit! They are available in black, grey, tan, and crystal clear. I had a lot of options to choose from. I decided to go with tan because it matches my leather interior. I also had the option to purchase a couple of different styles. They have the one piece front mat, two piece front mat set, one piece back mat set, and cargo set. I went with both the front and back sets and for a good price too; only $44.91 for the front and $35.91 for the back set. They are solid, well made mats and should last a long time which is exactly what I need.

Check out these car mats if you are looking for a nice set for your car and want to grab them at a decent price. I recommend them to all my readers, you will not be disappointed.


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