Bloggerviews: Introducing Misfit Momma aka Missy

There are thousands of blogs out there today. What do you enjoy reading? Are you looking for a Misfit Momma that can give you honest reviews and advice? Then you have to stop by and check out Misfit Momma aka Missy!

Misfit Momma aka Missy is a blogger that runs two blogs at this time and is also working on a third Home Parties blog. She plans to be able to work from home once that launches. Misfit Momma is a, “Mother, Blogger, Procrastinator! Yes, I can classify procrastinating to be part of my job since I do it all day every day.” She lives in “Winnipeg, Canada – the coldest city in the world! It’s also the Slurpee Capital of the World. The cold doesn’t stop us, we gotta have our Slurpees!” Missy states that she is, ” Legally married, technically separated. Scratch that, lets just say it’s complicated; Mother of 4 with a Husband that acts like my 5th and five annoying pets all living in a house that is probably smaller than the average apartment. No lie.” Missy is 28 years old.

Something unique about Missy…

I was born missing several of my adult teeth and very last baby tooth that is left is loose! Will The Rock sneak into my room at night when it falls out?  Either way I hope it happens soon because the tooth has been causing pain and I don’t have any more dental insurance for a few months. I also have a sense of humor that requires a very similar personality in order for others to appreciate although I am extremely shy/cautious of new people. A lot of people take my initial shyness the wrong way if they don’t take the time to give me the second chance but once they get to know me…I’m the nicest person they know!

My exclusive interview with Missy:

How often do you blog?

“I would have to say every 2-3 days right now. I would like to have something to post on each blog every day, but I often do not have as much time, motivation, or inspiration needed to get 2+ good posts finished every day. Some day…”

What inspired you to become a blogger? Was it something you stumbled upon or have you always had a love for it?
“I email subscribed to a few blogs for over a year before I realized that they were in fact blogs – and that there were thousands more out there! I started my first blog thinking I would write about making crafts with the kids and my doll collection. It hasn’t worked out quite like that yet, but it’s still in my plan for when I figure out a good schedule to balance life, writing reviews, and journal blogging.”
Do you accept advertising and sponsorship at your blogs?If so, do you blog for income or a mix or pleasure and income?
“Yes, my Family blog has some paid advertisements. None yet on my After Hours blog though I wouldn’t be opposed to them and would gladly accept a few. I suppose you could say my blogs are a mix if you were to classify review products or the minimal affiliate earnings I make as income. The third blog I am working on is actually an upcoming Home Party business, so once it gets off it’s feet I hope to be able to say I am blogging for income.”
What is your favorite quote?  

“Sero Sed Serio which translates to Late But in Earnest. I’m late for nearly everything and it’s nice to have a good excuse! My family is Scottish, and Sero Sed Serio is the clan motto on my Dad’s side. I also have a few favorite words like Asshat, Dickhole, and Eh. I am Canadian too, after all.”
What is your favorite blog platform?
“For a long time I only used blogger. I had created a test blog of sorts in WordPress, and didn’t like it very much but I recently switched one of my blogs over to WordPress and now that I’ve figured it out I’m liking it much more than Blogger. My Family blog is still currently using a Blogger platform, but I plan to switch it to WordPress very soon.”

If you could give all new bloggers one piece of advice what would it be?
“Decide in the beginning what you want to do as far as the Blogger/Wordpress debate goes. Switching was very annoying and I would have saved a lot of headache by deciding for sure right in the beginning. I would also recommend buying a domain (and hosting if using WordPress) right away so that your blog isn’t treated as “new” when you eventually do switch. It doesn’t cost very much, and if you plan to write reviews/giveaways or blog for profit it will be a big benefit to have your own URL”
If you would like to know more about Missy she provided the following information to use for contact:
I can be found on twitter @MisfitMomma and Facebook
My family friendly blog:
My adults only blog:
My newest/business blog:

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