Hey there! I am Amanda. I am a full-time wife, mother of four, and blogger. I live in Iowa, in the Central United States. I have a large group of blogs that I write at, edit, administrate, and run. I enjoy speaking my mind and sharing thoughts with the fellow internet community. Topics I talk about here are my personal experiences with shopping, buying merchandise, services I receive, foods, recipes, working at home, etc. I am sure I will leave something out but that is the mass of it.

I really enjoy blogging and whole community. I am open to trying anything and will take anything for the right price, but always prefer great service! I am on a mission to expose every retailer I encounter and put their name out there whether or not I have a bad experience with them. I am a strong writer, have my own opinions, and offer structured criticism.

If you have any questions or would like to make a comment please do so! Or you can use my contact page.

This blog currently only contains 8.7% sponsored content. All other entries have been done by me with no compensation or sponsorship.


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    We subscribed to your e-mails!

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