Hire Me

Would you like me to critique your site, product, or service? I have proper writing and grammar skills. I am available seven days a week and can critique for you. I am willing to cover just about anything and will also link to your company. I give honest opinions that are never compromised by compensation. I am able to write articles from 50 words in length and above. No limit on length. I have very reasonable pricing as well. Please make an offer on behalf of your company when inquiring. I accept compensation in the forms of cash and products. If you would like to inquire to hire me please contact me at eatloveshop@live.com

If you would like a paid post for your product, company, site, or service; paid post are at a standard rate of $15 which includes a picture, at least 200 words, and 3 links. If you would like an extensive piece longer than 500 words, please send details including offer.

Read some of my sponsored posts:

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