Bloggerviews: Introducing Katie Lynn

As many of my readers know, I am pursuing a degree in Psychiatry. I was lucky enough that a person with direct experience with this matter contacted me. Originally Katie contacted me, after reading my blog, offering me information on a research project. Unfortunately, the project was completed. However, I jumped at the opportunity to interview her. Katie has a story that should be told, and I am grateful to her for allowing this very personal interview. Thank you so much for your time and your words.

Katie is a  “23-year-old, divorced mother to one son, and companion to one cat. ” Her diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder with associated severe- Depression. Katie was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder at the early age of 16 and then diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder with associated severe- Depression at the age of 21. Katie has undergone many treatments including Cognitive Therapies, Light Therapy, 5 Electro-Convulsive Treatments(ECT) to date, Medication, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Katie contacted me regarding research I was doing on ECT and offered her help. I became more interested with her personal experience. She received her first ECT in early March of 2010 and underwent five treatments between March and April. Although, I am unsure of Katie’s location, she did inform me that her treatments  “began while inpatient in a local hospital of psychiatry,” and was treated by “attending doctors, within the inpatient program.”

Now, Katie’s story can be told. She is a very strong woman and is a living survivor of her diseases. She is proof that there is still hope and that will the right medical care, life can move forward. Katie my hat is off to you. There are a 1000 words to a story, and it is never completely told. We can feel a small pinch of Katie’s life through my personal interview with her.

Was ECT a last resort treatment?

Yes. After at least 10 medications, it became gruel some and tedious, to wait for results that were unlikely to come.

Do you feel that ECT helped you?

Since middle of High School, I struggled with severe bouts of depression, emotional instability, and impulsive behavior
that became self destructive. As I got older, and left the pressure of High School, I thought I was going to get better
But I was wrong. Several medications and hospitalizations for self harm and suicide attempts would cloud my next 5 years.
During a spin of mania triggered by the death of my mother, I got married to a stranger, and tried to create a life that would
mask the pain I was feeling inside. Emotionally speaking, I was falling into a black hole, and no matter how many times I tried to
get help, nothing seemed to work. I left my husband after becoming pregnant, knowing I could no longer live a lie. During my
pregnancy, I was off medications and completely content and at peace. I credit the hormones from the pregnancy to balancing me out, for those 9 months were a glimpse of what it felt like to be “normal”. After the birth of my son, I was determined to make the best out of being a single mother. After a few months of struggling to find my identity as a new mother, the depression returned. I continued to be in and out of the hospital for self -harm thoughts and suicidal attempts. One day, sitting with a fellow patient, discussing our journeys with medication and treatments they told me about ECT’s and how its made it a little better for them. I then asked for information about them, and had my family look into it and bring me research and articles so that I may see if it is right for me. I approached my Dr about it, and explained how I wasn’t responding to any medications and they agreed after about two days of interviews and consultations.

Will you continue more ECT in the future and/or medications?
Yes. During the ECT’s I continued with my regular medication therapy. When I lost my insurance and couldn’t continue ECT maintenance or medications. In July 2010, I went off all my pills, to discover, a completely new feeling.
A productive, outgoing, new me. I was awake. I was a better mom. A better sister. A better friend. A better me. I was finally who I was supposed to me.  I believe that the ECT treatment did help my mind make a adjustment in the way it functions, and when I stopped pumping my body full of chemicals, the ECT’s results finally shined through. I will begin monthly ongoing treatment next month.

What were the side effects of your ECT treatment (if any)?
During the course of the treatments from earlier this year, I had some short term memory blips. I call them blips because its bits and pieces that I don’t remember, or small moments of time that slip my mind. They continue today, but are definitely worth the relief I have felt. Physically the only side effect I suffered was a headache.

Were there any complications?
Were you under anesthesia during the procedure?
Was the treatment voluntary or involuntary?
Anything you would like to add?
I don’t believe the ECT’s are a cure to depression or any mental illness, For me, however, accompanied with “talk therapy” and continued regular ECT’s, I have found hope.
If you could give one piece of advice to others suffering or undergoing ECT, what would it be?
For other that may be considering going through ECT, please realize it is not a cure, It is a therapy just like any other.
You must be committed. You must be patient. And you must understand the risks. Do your research before you decide what is best for you, and those who support you. The memory issue is real, and can be frustrating for those around you. But for me, it was a risk that needed to be made, to save my life.

Do you believe ECT is a sound way of treatment and do you agree with the process?
I believe it is definitely a more effective treatment for some, it is not a cure- all. And for a select few, it could mean life or death.

I believe Katie found me for a reason and contacted me. I knew her story needed to be told and I hope that after reading this, if you can connect with Katie; you should. Katie left a note for her readers:

To learn more about my experience or share yours with me, I may be contacted at


Bloggerviews: Introducing Misfit Momma aka Missy

There are thousands of blogs out there today. What do you enjoy reading? Are you looking for a Misfit Momma that can give you honest reviews and advice? Then you have to stop by and check out Misfit Momma aka Missy!

Misfit Momma aka Missy is a blogger that runs two blogs at this time and is also working on a third Home Parties blog. She plans to be able to work from home once that launches. Misfit Momma is a, “Mother, Blogger, Procrastinator! Yes, I can classify procrastinating to be part of my job since I do it all day every day.” She lives in “Winnipeg, Canada – the coldest city in the world! It’s also the Slurpee Capital of the World. The cold doesn’t stop us, we gotta have our Slurpees!” Missy states that she is, ” Legally married, technically separated. Scratch that, lets just say it’s complicated; Mother of 4 with a Husband that acts like my 5th and five annoying pets all living in a house that is probably smaller than the average apartment. No lie.” Missy is 28 years old.

Something unique about Missy…

I was born missing several of my adult teeth and very last baby tooth that is left is loose! Will The Rock sneak into my room at night when it falls out?  Either way I hope it happens soon because the tooth has been causing pain and I don’t have any more dental insurance for a few months. I also have a sense of humor that requires a very similar personality in order for others to appreciate although I am extremely shy/cautious of new people. A lot of people take my initial shyness the wrong way if they don’t take the time to give me the second chance but once they get to know me…I’m the nicest person they know!

My exclusive interview with Missy:

How often do you blog?

“I would have to say every 2-3 days right now. I would like to have something to post on each blog every day, but I often do not have as much time, motivation, or inspiration needed to get 2+ good posts finished every day. Some day…”

What inspired you to become a blogger? Was it something you stumbled upon or have you always had a love for it?
“I email subscribed to a few blogs for over a year before I realized that they were in fact blogs – and that there were thousands more out there! I started my first blog thinking I would write about making crafts with the kids and my doll collection. It hasn’t worked out quite like that yet, but it’s still in my plan for when I figure out a good schedule to balance life, writing reviews, and journal blogging.”
Do you accept advertising and sponsorship at your blogs?If so, do you blog for income or a mix or pleasure and income?
“Yes, my Family blog has some paid advertisements. None yet on my After Hours blog though I wouldn’t be opposed to them and would gladly accept a few. I suppose you could say my blogs are a mix if you were to classify review products or the minimal affiliate earnings I make as income. The third blog I am working on is actually an upcoming Home Party business, so once it gets off it’s feet I hope to be able to say I am blogging for income.”
What is your favorite quote?  

“Sero Sed Serio which translates to Late But in Earnest. I’m late for nearly everything and it’s nice to have a good excuse! My family is Scottish, and Sero Sed Serio is the clan motto on my Dad’s side. I also have a few favorite words like Asshat, Dickhole, and Eh. I am Canadian too, after all.”
What is your favorite blog platform?
“For a long time I only used blogger. I had created a test blog of sorts in WordPress, and didn’t like it very much but I recently switched one of my blogs over to WordPress and now that I’ve figured it out I’m liking it much more than Blogger. My Family blog is still currently using a Blogger platform, but I plan to switch it to WordPress very soon.”

If you could give all new bloggers one piece of advice what would it be?
“Decide in the beginning what you want to do as far as the Blogger/Wordpress debate goes. Switching was very annoying and I would have saved a lot of headache by deciding for sure right in the beginning. I would also recommend buying a domain (and hosting if using WordPress) right away so that your blog isn’t treated as “new” when you eventually do switch. It doesn’t cost very much, and if you plan to write reviews/giveaways or blog for profit it will be a big benefit to have your own URL”
If you would like to know more about Missy she provided the following information to use for contact:
I can be found on twitter @MisfitMomma and Facebook
My family friendly blog:
My adults only blog:
My newest/business blog:

Bloggerviews: Introducing Lauren A. McHenry

Welcome to the very first Bloggerview, brought to you by Eat, Love, Shop! I have been a search (high and low) for my favorite bloggers and now are bringing them to you through my very own Bloggerviews.

Introducing Lauren A. McHenry!

I ran into Lauren’s blog and loved what I saw and knew right away that I wanted to include her. She is full of spunk and does a great job entertaining through her blog Loanna2010.

It isn’t hard to see that Lauren has a spunky, cheerful, and humorous attitude that is hard not to love.

Lauren’s Bio- She is 67 at heart, but really only 21. “I am not married, nor am I single. I currently have no kids, but often find myself with a food-baby after over-eating during the holidays 😉 As far as pets go, my family has a wiener dog named ‘Boo, but she resides at my parents’ house. She is more of a queen than Sir Elton himself.” She lives in Michigan, United States and says “I can see Russia from my house sometimes, too, Sarah Palin! ;)” Lauren is a full-time student “approaching graduation (any year now…). As for a job, I am my parents’ puppet, as they financially own me.”

Favorite Quote: ”If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.” I am not sure who spoke those wise words, but they have helped me though many challenging times.”

Favorite Author: “Stephanie Meyer has a special way of captivating audiences, which I love! Elizabeth Gilbert’s works are magnificent as well, and leave readers asking important questions to themselves!”

Something Unique about Lauren

My birthday is April Fools’ Day, which is both a gift and a curse. When my mom went in to labor a month early with me, nobody came to the hospital because they thought she was joking. It was many hours (of labor) later when my parents finally had relatives there to welcome their first child! Also, in high school, my sister (only a year younger than me) sent me approx. twenty balloons that said, “CONGRATULATIONS!” and “IT’S A GIRL!” on my birthday. I still remember the school secretary’s expression when I picked those up… Good joke, family! I will get you back one day!

My exclusive interview with Lauren herself:

How long have you been blogging and how many blogs do you operate?

“I currently write one blog of my own, and I was fortunate enough to make “Freshly Pressed” a few days after my first entry!”

Lauren is a busy bee! She “writes several times a week, for the most part.”

What inspired you to become a blogger?

I stumbled on WordPress while searching for a blogging outlet. I never imagined all the positive feedback I would receive, however, and love knowing people enjoy reading my comedic takes on life!-Lauren says.

Do you accept advertising and sponsorship at your blogs? If so, do you blog for income or a mix or pleasure and income?

Currently, I blog for pleasure, but I would love advertising/sponsorship revenue! That’s like asking if a beggar begs for income or not (haha)… All joking aside, I am trying to get my name out there, and hopefully spark lots of laughter along the way!

What is your favorite blogging project of your own?

Hmm… I would have to say my post about growing old! I honestly cannot wait to be ripened and wrinkly, and I wish more people would be equally welcome to the aging process! Just let it happen, people!

Lauren reports that she is a regular reader of LaurenGen, she states she “has a special way with words, and plenty of creative insight to last a lifetime!”

What is your favorite blog platform?

Lauren went with WORDPRESS stating “Their set-up is fabulous!”

Finally, I asked Lauren, If you could give all new bloggers one piece of advice what would it be?

Write in your own style, not someone else’s! I debated following the typical blog format of introducing yourself, expectations, etc., but opted out of it. I knew people would get to know me through my writing, anyway, so why waste time on the redundant info.?

Want more of Lauren? You know you do!




A very big thank you to Lauren for being a part of the Bloggerviews. May you keep the dreams rolling and the words flowing.