30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #30

This will wrap up the 30 day memoirs. As my finally picture I decided to add my China Cabinet. This was my mothers. I received it from my step dad a few years ago along with the 5th generation China set inside. It’s beautiful. I don’t have much left of my mother, but this is one thing I plan to hold on to and pass down for more generations to come.


30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #29

Remember when I first brought Princess Fiona home and Puss in Boots was really unhappy? Well look at them now.. like two peas in a pod. So cute!

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #28

Have problems with your kiddos eating their fruits and veggies? This is what we do… at supper time we chop up fresh fruits and vegetables and put them in the center of the table. We usually add a side of veggie dip and tell the kids that they can pick at least one of the two. If they eat it, they get a yummy snack later like a cupcake, cookie, etc. If they choose not to eat one, well no sweets. It works really well in our house. You should give it a try!

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #27

The kids had so much fun making Christmas cake and the best part was watching them eat up the left over batter in the bowl. They loved it!

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #26

Yummy Christmas Cake! I had so much fun letting the kids makes this cake and they did a pretty good job too don’t you think?

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #25

I love my roosters and chickens. I am always on the search for more collectibles. Yes, yes!

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #24

If you have kiddos that refuse to eat fruits or veggies, you have to try one of the many flavors of V8 Fusion. My kids love it and they don’t even know it’s good for them!