Run Down

I have been feeling horrible for three weeks. It started with chest discomfort and I couldn’t really pinpoint it. The pain did get bad enough that I had to go to the doctor and I was put on a Z pack and Prednisone. Did nothing for me. Another week went by and I still felt horrible. I finally realized what was bothering me the most… breathing. It just hurts to pieces to breathe. I visited the doctor again and he did a physical and sent me to get a chest x-ray and schedule this pulmonary test. He also put me on an inhaler (yuck). I did the X-ray and went to the hospital three different times to get this other test done and the machine wasn’t working and blah blah. Point blank they kept rescheduling me. By the time the fourth appointment came around and was so sick to even get out of bed for more than five minutes so I definitely was NOT going to the doctor for another appointment. I stayed in bed. Here I am like three weeks later, I still haven’t heard back about my chest X-ray and have no idea what’s going on. I think I have just a really, really severe upper respiratory infection going on. Now it’s my neck, throat, nose, head, lungs, back, and chest. I feel awful. I think I have hit the worst end of it so far but it still sucks. So, be on the watch for the ickies floating around. Use hand sanitizer! Believe me you do not want this!

Today, sick as I am, I had to go and take a test for Statistics and then go listen to my Psych teacher go on about baseball for two hours. What a lecture that was! By the time I finally got home, I was like, eh… couch here I come! I made potato soup and sandwiches for supper and laid my butt on the couch for the rest of the evening. Now here I am laying in bed, unable to sleep. Great! Just what I need.

On the upside, Christmas break is almost here. The kids get out early from school tomorrow and my last day of class is Thursday. I will not be due back until January 10th, so I am excited to get a break! Tomorrow I will be finishing up my Christmas shopping. I can’t believe I still have shopping to do (a lot!). It has been hard to find the time to go and I live in such a small town that I have to travel to shop. No time at all for it! So tomorrow grandma will come over and watch the kids in the evening so that I can go out-of-town to shop. I hope I am feeling a little better by then. The kids are excited about Christmas and I think they are clueless as to what we have gotten them which makes for a great surprise. I cannot wait to see their faces! Once the holiday is over they will be traveling to see their other parents and I will get a break for about five days and in that time I am taking a mini vacation to Chicago. The man and I will have a little fun and then some R&R that is extremely overdue. He works nights and so now it seems impossible for me to sleep. I catch a few z’s from about four in the morning until the alarm beeps at me at six thirty. I am exhausted!

I do have some upcoming blog interviews with one that is very interesting. Make sure you catch it! Other than that, I am lying low. I am enjoying my holiday and I am just doing nothing.


30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #28

Have problems with your kiddos eating their fruits and veggies? This is what we do… at supper time we chop up fresh fruits and vegetables and put them in the center of the table. We usually add a side of veggie dip and tell the kids that they can pick at least one of the two. If they eat it, they get a yummy snack later like a cupcake, cookie, etc. If they choose not to eat one, well no sweets. It works really well in our house. You should give it a try!

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #27

The kids had so much fun making Christmas cake and the best part was watching them eat up the left over batter in the bowl. They loved it!

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #26

Yummy Christmas Cake! I had so much fun letting the kids makes this cake and they did a pretty good job too don’t you think?

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #24

If you have kiddos that refuse to eat fruits or veggies, you have to try one of the many flavors of V8 Fusion. My kids love it and they don’t even know it’s good for them!

Saturday Sanity

coffee Waves

I really love Saturdays. I mean really. I go Monday through Friday worrying about getting the kids up and off to school, then it’s time to get some work done, next off to class, come home, do homework, cook, clean, wash, bed. Ugh. So when Saturday comes, whew! I get to sleep in an extra hour (most of the time) and wake up with the smell off fresh brewed coffee. I cuddle myself up and slurp it down until I feel warmth running through my veins. Next I get to lazily make an attempt at breakfast. The usual. Eggs, sausage, hash browns, toast, and sometimes a side of cakes. This morning was even easier. I didn’t crawl out of bed until 9:30 am and made the kids (all four of them) a round of blueberry oatmeal and toast. Got to love the oatmeal. So fast and easy! Then I was like “Oh, let’s play DS!” And of course the kids are all like “YAY!” So I get a few moments to myself to sit at the kitchen table, slurp my coffee and type. All while the little ones battle it out on the Nintendo.

Today will be laid back, lazy, and full of NyQuil (for me). I finished up all of my statistics work over the last two days and now all I have to do is create a works cited page for my research paper for composition 2. My homework for the weekend is just about wrapped up. Whew! No work this weekend either. Thank goodness! So, I am calling in a lazy day. A no mommy will not run around day, a no I will not make a 3 coarse meal day, and yes I will curl up on the couch and watch five Prison Break season discs.

30 Days of Memoirs: the tale of a picture #14

It’s crazy how memories work. This was just a fall day. I took my little ones to the park that I played in as a child. My daughter Autumn is taking a fast ride down the same slide I slid on as a kid. Memories. Memories.