Sponsored Tweets

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I signed up for sponsored tweets quite some time ago. I have been doing tweets for them. It is really easy to do and I get $1 a tweet and also sometimes I get paid-per-click opportunities. It took a while to start getting more offers. To date I have tweeted for 87 advertisers and completed 167 Offers, and that is offers… not tweets! So I haven’t done a whole lot, but some. I am learning that you need more followers and obviously more people clicking on your tweets to get more offers.

Payments are sent to Pay Pal. One thing though, you can’t cash out until you hit $50. I have been on with Sponsored tweets for like at least 10 months I think now and my account balance is only $47.95. Not too bad, I know I just tweeted, but 10 months? And I still haven’t gotten paid. Anyway, I noticed about 2 or 3 weeks ago when I hit like $46 everything came to a halt. I have only had like one offer since. I am sitting her thinking, wow! am I ever going to get 3 more dollars do I can finally get paid? Sheesh! To date, I am still sitting under $50 and not getting any closer considering I am no longer getting offers.

Don’t get me wrong, the site is simple to use, and they claim that some can make a good amount of easy cash from it. However, I have not and I can’t guarantee payments because I have yet to get one. I will keep you updated in the future. I hope to get more offers so that I can see if payment is legit.