Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner Review

Remember a while back when I bought the Pledge Multi Purpose Wipes? Um. Yeah. I was in love! Well I was disappointed that the packaging was so small. I did some looking around and found the exact same cleaner in a spray. Of course I bought it and have great news!

Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner is exactly what it is called, an everyday cleaner and much more! This is how my cleaning past looked: grab four bottles of cleaners and then three or four rags and go around cleaning the tables, furniture, electronics, etc with a handful of cleaners. Present: one cleaner and one rag. It’s really amazing. I can’t thank Pledge enough for making my everyday chores 10 times easier. I can use my Pledge on everything and it actually saves me money because I am buying less cleaners. It’s remarkable.

The multi surface cleaner is residue free. I was a little worried because when I went to buy it, there were two ladies standing in the aisle talking about how they heard it left a greasy film. Eh. I grabbed it anyway and no residue whatsoever. I have used it on practically everything, the television, glass tables, wood, counters, and even the microwave. It’s my go getter! I don’t see myself purchasing other cleaners any time soon. Why would I? I get it all with one brand in one bottle and I can rely on it. It gets better too, it’s fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Can’t beat that! Pledge also provides a very detailed label that includes the surfaces it can be used on, cautions, manufacturer information, and directions.

I recommend trying Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner. It has made my life so much easier!

Compatible on the following surfaces: wood, wood laminate, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, plastics, granite, marble, chrome, electronics, and more!


Clean it all with one swipe!

I am the clean queen! I must have a clean, well-kept home to feel comfortable and happy. I also am a mother of four kids. Let’s just say it gets a little messy. The counters need wiped, the television dusted, the windows need cleared of tiny little hand prints. Sometimes just grabbing the 3 or 4 cleaners and rags is a chore in its self. I grabbed the wrong one or I forgot to pick up the right rag. I walk back and forth from room to room getting everything in order.

Recently I found Pledge Multi Surface wipes and have fallen in love with them. I can use one cleaner for glass, wood, metal, and electronics. Now what cleaner can do that? Plus no rags. I use it and toss it. Cleaning made super easy. Another positive, they are perfume free. They have no scent and they are great for eliminating pollens which is very important in our household due to allergies.

The package came with 25 Pre-moistened wipes in a resealable package. It is the largest quantity I could find at my local shopping center. I would like to find a larger package and would purchase it again for sure. The Pledge wipes make cleaning so much easier. I have used them for dusting my laptop, PC, televisions and wiping counters, tables, and mirrors and windows. They leave everything streak free and clean.

Thanks to Pledge for another great idea! You have made this Mom’s life easier just with a simple wipe.