30 Day Memoirs: The tale of a picture #4

Reading Hy Vee seasons Volume 4 Issue 5

Reading Hy Vee seasons Volume 4 Issue 5

Thanksgiving is coming fast! Are you ready? I know I am! I always look forward to getting my Hy Vee Season book in the mail. It always has loads of information on the latest season with great gift ideas, decorations, and recipes. I received the Fall 2010 Seasons Book, Volume 4- Issue recently and found easy recipes that are to die for! And I got it right in time for the holiday. On page 23, Hy Vee shares quick side dishes and desert. I found Festive Green Beans that look so yummy and really easy to make.

What’s your plan for Thanksgiving? Will you be cooking a big meal? Want some great ideas? I suggest you grab up a Hy Vee Seasons Book. They don’t cost a dime and have lots of helpful ideas.

Want to try out the Festive Green Beans like me? Here’s how to do it!

Saute fresh or high-quality frozen green beans in a little olive oil until crisp tender. The oil will make the vegetables glisten. Transfer the beans to a serving dish and top them with chopped pecans and dried cranberries. And Walla! A yummy, easy to make, decorative side dish. Enjoy!