Beyonce’s Red

I am not much of the lipstick wearing kind. I usually stick to a balm or gloss with only light nude shades. Of course all of us want to look great in bright red lipstick, especially something as appealing as Beyonce’s Red, but the truth is… it just doesn’t work for everyone. Regardless, I wanted to try L’Oreal Paris infallible LipColour. You can see the commercials and well known Beyonce wearing it and making the lip colour look amazing.

It comes in a small rectangular, silver case. Inside the case there are  two parts; step 1 and step 2. Step 1 is your lip color in whatever shade you may choose and Step 2 is the lip conditioner. The back of the case does have instructions on how to apply it and keep it looking good and they are simple to follow.

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of lip colour to clean lips. For best results, allow to dry for 2 minutes.
Step 2: Apply the conditioning balm to seal colour and provide a natural shine.

To Remove: use an oil based makeup remover.

You get 2.3 ml of Lip Colour and 2.4 g of Conditioning Balm.

The packaging is really neat, original and get this… you can remove the back label and there is a mirror to apply it. It’s everything needed for applying lip colour anytime needed.

Overall I love the design of the lip colour, the bright shade, the condition, and the bonus mirror on the back is wonderful too. The shade doesn’t match my skin tone so I am giving it to my sister. She likes deep tones unlike myself, I prefer the nudes. No matter, how badly I want to wear red lipstick… I just can’t. It doesn’t look good on me. I think this lip colour is great for anyone with dark skin tones. Maybe if I were more tan it would look good on me? Regardless, it is a great product and I recommend it. I mostly enjoy the packaging. Everything is bundled together in one neat little box. As for wearing time, it’s great! As a matter of fact, you will have to fight to get it off. Don’t worry about this lip colour fading. It isn’t going to happen. I wore it all day and not a bit of it rubbed off. It does have to be removed with an oil based makeup remover. Or your lips will remain red. So it is really long lasting, neatly packaged, and great for dark skin tones.

I recommend  picking up L’Oreal Paris infallible LipColour. You will love the whole design of the product and adore the long lasting colour.