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Yes. They are school books. I am going back to college. I can’t really believe it myself yet. I finally decided to go after a degree in something that I have always been fascinated with; Psychiatry. I am so excited. I am taking it very easy my first term back. I will be taking Composition 2, Statistics, and Psychology of Human Relations. Wish me luck!


The Hair Academy of Kirksville Missouri

Beauty Shop

Image by Lauren Paulsen via Flickr

The Hair Academy 110 is located on Franklin Street in small town Kirksville, Missouri. It is a school of beauty that one can either attend to obtain their cosmetology License or to get hair cuts, dyes, manicures, pedicures, etc for a fraction of the cost. The Hair Academy has low prices on everything because your work is done by a student. I have been to the Hair Academy multiple times over the last 3 years. I have only had one bad experience out of all the times I have been there. I enjoy going there because I have students that know all the latest trends and discount pricing. I usually get the “works.” The works is a hair cut, style, and eyebrow wax for only $10! That is a great price! I love doing this because then I usually tip my stylist another $10 or $15 and they are like super happy!

The only downfall to the whole visit is that it is very time-consuming. You must remember that they are students and even though they may be nearing the end of the classes, they still don’t have the pace as say a stylist that has been cutting for 10 years. When I go get my hair cut, depending on the student they give me, I am usually there for an hour and a half. I know it seems like a lot for a cut and wax. It just depends on what you are looking for. I love the price cut and I get the opportunity to help locals. So that is why I visit. The service is great and everyone is really friendly there.

Overall I really like the Hair Academy and will continue going there and the price is hard to beat. Actually, I am pretty sure they are the lowest price in town. I always come out with a smile on my face even when I just have a trim. The students are well-trained and very friendly.

  • Things that may change your mind…

-Time Consuming

-Loud Environment

  • Things that will make you want to visit…

-Low Price

-Friendly Environment

The Hair Academy

110 North Franklin Street, Kirksville, MO‎

(660) 665-1028

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