Run Down

I have been feeling horrible for three weeks. It started with chest discomfort and I couldn’t really pinpoint it. The pain did get bad enough that I had to go to the doctor and I was put on a Z pack and Prednisone. Did nothing for me. Another week went by and I still felt horrible. I finally realized what was bothering me the most… breathing. It just hurts to pieces to breathe. I visited the doctor again and he did a physical and sent me to get a chest x-ray and schedule this pulmonary test. He also put me on an inhaler (yuck). I did the X-ray and went to the hospital three different times to get this other test done and the machine wasn’t working and blah blah. Point blank they kept rescheduling me. By the time the fourth appointment came around and was so sick to even get out of bed for more than five minutes so I definitely was NOT going to the doctor for another appointment. I stayed in bed. Here I am like three weeks later, I still haven’t heard back about my chest X-ray and have no idea what’s going on. I think I have just a really, really severe upper respiratory infection going on. Now it’s my neck, throat, nose, head, lungs, back, and chest. I feel awful. I think I have hit the worst end of it so far but it still sucks. So, be on the watch for the ickies floating around. Use hand sanitizer! Believe me you do not want this!

Today, sick as I am, I had to go and take a test for Statistics and then go listen to my Psych teacher go on about baseball for two hours. What a lecture that was! By the time I finally got home, I was like, eh… couch here I come! I made potato soup and sandwiches for supper and laid my butt on the couch for the rest of the evening. Now here I am laying in bed, unable to sleep. Great! Just what I need.

On the upside, Christmas break is almost here. The kids get out early from school tomorrow and my last day of class is Thursday. I will not be due back until January 10th, so I am excited to get a break! Tomorrow I will be finishing up my Christmas shopping. I can’t believe I still have shopping to do (a lot!). It has been hard to find the time to go and I live in such a small town that I have to travel to shop. No time at all for it! So tomorrow grandma will come over and watch the kids in the evening so that I can go out-of-town to shop. I hope I am feeling a little better by then. The kids are excited about Christmas and I think they are clueless as to what we have gotten them which makes for a great surprise. I cannot wait to see their faces! Once the holiday is over they will be traveling to see their other parents and I will get a break for about five days and in that time I am taking a mini vacation to Chicago. The man and I will have a little fun and then some R&R that is extremely overdue. He works nights and so now it seems impossible for me to sleep. I catch a few z’s from about four in the morning until the alarm beeps at me at six thirty. I am exhausted!

I do have some upcoming blog interviews with one that is very interesting. Make sure you catch it! Other than that, I am lying low. I am enjoying my holiday and I am just doing nothing.


CarID Car Mats

Winter is here and my vehicle knows it! My Chevy Tahoe is taking a beating with all the muddy snow going in and out of it. I try to keep it as clean as I can of course, but when my four children are parading in and out of it… well things get a little messy. The weather isn’t helping much either. Thankfully there are just a simple things I can do to help keep up with the mess and turn clean up time into a faster, easier experience. I took a look around at the car mats for my Tahoe. I figure I could use an update for sure. At first I really wanted to go with something attractive and fashionable but then I found the RubberTite All-Weather Floor Mats. Perfect! They are simple, sleek floor mats that are designed specifically for my make, model, and year vehicle and they are ideal for the weather in my area.

LLOYD® - RubberTite™ All-Weather Floor Mats

I really like the overall design and the variety of colors and shapes/prices. I looked around Carid’s site and found the mats that were perfect for me. I simply entered my vehicle information and was able to view all the different options for my Tahoe. The All-Weather Floor Mats are designed to trap liquid, mud, dirt, etc. I live on a gravel road in southern Iowa and with all the dust in the spring and summer and snow in the winter, the All-Weather mats will make a great fit! They are available in black, grey, tan, and crystal clear. I had a lot of options to choose from. I decided to go with tan because it matches my leather interior. I also had the option to purchase a couple of different styles. They have the one piece front mat, two piece front mat set, one piece back mat set, and cargo set. I went with both the front and back sets and for a good price too; only $44.91 for the front and $35.91 for the back set. They are solid, well made mats and should last a long time which is exactly what I need.

Check out these car mats if you are looking for a nice set for your car and want to grab them at a decent price. I recommend them to all my readers, you will not be disappointed.

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner Review

Remember a while back when I bought the Pledge Multi Purpose Wipes? Um. Yeah. I was in love! Well I was disappointed that the packaging was so small. I did some looking around and found the exact same cleaner in a spray. Of course I bought it and have great news!

Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner is exactly what it is called, an everyday cleaner and much more! This is how my cleaning past looked: grab four bottles of cleaners and then three or four rags and go around cleaning the tables, furniture, electronics, etc with a handful of cleaners. Present: one cleaner and one rag. It’s really amazing. I can’t thank Pledge enough for making my everyday chores 10 times easier. I can use my Pledge on everything and it actually saves me money because I am buying less cleaners. It’s remarkable.

The multi surface cleaner is residue free. I was a little worried because when I went to buy it, there were two ladies standing in the aisle talking about how they heard it left a greasy film. Eh. I grabbed it anyway and no residue whatsoever. I have used it on practically everything, the television, glass tables, wood, counters, and even the microwave. It’s my go getter! I don’t see myself purchasing other cleaners any time soon. Why would I? I get it all with one brand in one bottle and I can rely on it. It gets better too, it’s fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Can’t beat that! Pledge also provides a very detailed label that includes the surfaces it can be used on, cautions, manufacturer information, and directions.

I recommend trying Pledge Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner. It has made my life so much easier!

Compatible on the following surfaces: wood, wood laminate, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, plastics, granite, marble, chrome, electronics, and more!

30 Day Memoirs: the tale of a picture #21

I am a bit of a lunatic when it comes to keeping my home clean. I don’t think it needs to be spotless, but I hate clutter and really dislike dust. I discovered Pledge multi surface cleaner wipes and though those were great. Well, I was disappointed that they came in such a small package. So when I moved into my new house and went to stock up on cleaners I found the same thing in a bottle. I love it! I can clean practically everything in my house with one can. Awesome. Thanks Pledge for making my life easier. *hugs*

Review on Pledge cleaner coming soon!

Birthday Decisions

My dad’s birthday is coming up on December 14th. I have been contemplating about what to get him. I swear men are so difficult to shop for. Especially parents because they are always like “oh don’t get me anything.” I can never get this man to tell me something he wants!!! Meh. Anyway, he is a big coffee drinker like me so I was browsing Wal Mart today and found a single serve coffee maker and was like oh perfect! He will love this! He waits for a cup of coffee every morning, fills it up, and then heads to work. So why not get him a single serve with travel mug? I think he is going to love it! I found one for $51.99 and then decided to take a look at Amazon tonight and found one for $29.99. A great deal! Now I just hope it gets here in time for his birthday.

Bedroom Makeover

I recently just moved into my new house. It is a huge two-story farm-house that I just fell in love with. The house sits on 3 acres, has 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, an office, and a fireplace. The kitchen is huge and I have a dining room. I love it! This house needs some love though. I have been painting for a week! I picked a neutral White Lace color that is an off white. It looks really good. I have finished the downstairs and now I need to start painting the second floor where all our bedrooms are. I just love my new bedroom and decided it was time for a whole new makeover due to moving into a new house.

I went to Wal-Mart and found new bedding in the cutest purple ever for only $50. I couldn’t find matching curtains but I did find a matching shower curtain that looks identical to my comforter, so I bought it for about $16. Looks great! I also found a purple jar candle for only $3 that smells delicious! The scent is black cherry and it rocks! I love how much the purple makes my room pop. Now it’s time to move on to the decor.

Jonsbo Egby Lamp- A steal for only $19.99!!!

Jonsbo Egby Lamp- A steal for only $19.99!!!

I can never find great deals at stores. Well, let my rephrase. I can never find great deals on stuff I like. I was browsing through my Cosmo mag and found an article featuring all these great buys for under $50. Most of it was stuff that I didn’t care to look at. And then, there is was. The cutest little lamp for only $19.99! Wow. I can’t even buy just a shade at the local Wal mart for that. So of course I am going to get it! Who has it? IKEA. Honestly, I had never heard of the store. I found their website and it is packed with great deals on all sorts of home stuff. My redecorating adventure budget just got smaller. Only because I can get a handful of stuff for a discount price. I am so excite and can’t wait to get my packages in the mail! I will be shopping from IKEA much more. You should check it out too.

I just love makeovers… don’t you?

Become a smart shopper with

If you are like me, you believe shopping is fun and getting a great deal is even better! I do a lot of online shopping and I am always looking for the best deal. I like to compare prices, use coupons, and take advantage of daily deals. At I can browse the items that I want from a handful of companies and get deep discounts. And as if that wasn’t enough, Become has a monthly give away that makes shopping with them even more rewarding. is like an online super store, they have everything! Combine that with easy navigation, editors picks, top lists, and quick guides to shopping… and you may never shop elsewhere again. After taking a long look at, it didn’t take long to realize I needed to shop with them for my kitchen project.

I was able to search the items I want to buy and compare them side by side. has  a major list of products including items listed at eBay, Wal-Mart, Amazon,  Home Depot, Target, and more. I have been excited to update my kitchen and found the best deal at because I could find the exact product I was looking for at a discounted price. I found a kitchen pantry cabinet for only $149.99 (a 50% discount) from JC Penny, four Rooster kitchen chair pads for only $12.99 from Ebay, and a stainless steel kitchen sink to replace my old porcelain one for $103 from AJ Madison! All great prices and I found them all from one site.

Why would you ever want to shop through any other site? is a holding station for all the best online deals. Visit to find what you are looking for today!