OxiClean Max Force

Image via OxiClean

I have four kids that love to run around and play in the dirt. They also love staining up their clothes at school with chocolate milk and stain my favorite dress with red popsicle. Thank goodness I finally found a product that really does get those tough stains out! I have tried product after product searching for one that works and is easy to use. I do most of my laundry in the evening and I am usually very busy. I don’t want to spend an hour trying to get one pesky stain out!

I found the OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick and gave it a shot and I am so glad that I did. It is very easy to use and works on stains wonderfully.The Gel Stick is a pretreater. It has a special applicator that helps get deep into the clothing fibers so that the gel formula can stick to the stains and break them down. The Max Force Gel Stick is color safe and is packed with 4 stain fighters:

•   Amylase Enzyme – lifts food stains from fabric
•   Solvents/Surfactants – dissolve and trap grease and oil
•   Polymers – bind to dirt and soils to suspend and rinse them away
•   Protease Enzyme – targets protein stains like grass and blood

A lot of products that I have tried never worked for me. I was always disappointed with the stain still being there when it came out of the wash. OxiClean is different. I am so happy with this product. Last fourth of July I bought a dress just for the holiday. It wasn’t that expensive but I really liked it. I went to my family’s get together where I took my children and was also in the company of my niece and nephew who are 4 and 3. It didn’t take long to notice that the stains were adding up. My new dress was white and now covered in black ash from fireworks, red from popsicles, and dirt from being around motion on a dirt area. I was devastated! I just got my new dress and was so disappointed that after just a few hours it was ruined. Or so I thought! I purchased the OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick and didn’t expect it to work that well, but I was wrong!

To use the Gel Stick: apply directly to the stain and allow to sit for about 20 minutes before washing.

I used the Gel Stick as directed. I put it all over my stain covered, white dress. It sat for 20 minutes and then I washed it in cold water. I pulled it out of the washer to realize that it still had the stains but they were now faded. Keep in mind that I spent the weekend out-of-town and wasn’t able to wash this dress for two days. Anyway, I decided to give it a second round. I repeated the stain treatment and second time. I applied the formula to the dress on the stains, let it sit for another 20 minutes, and then washed it in cold water again. And you know what? The stains were gone! My red, black, and brown stained dress was now white again! It only took 2 treatments after sitting for two days to accomplish! Now that is something! Now I use my OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick at the first sign of a stain and it works wonderfully. I recommend it to all parents! It is a clothing saver and not time-consuming. It is great for parents on the go and those in a hurry.

Right now you can also get a Coupon from OxiClean for $0.75 off! Please visit their website and get coupons and read about their latest products. I love my OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick and I guarantee you will too!

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