7 whole grains on a mission

If you are grain lover like me or just someone seeking a healthier alternative to snacking, trying Kashi TLC snack crackers is a must! We’ve seen the commercials on tv… 7 whole grains on a mission. Let’s take a closer look.

I received a trial size from Kashi to try out their product. Kashi’s mission is to rid the world of not-so-healthy snacks, and spread a million nutritious ones. TLC snack crackers are made from all natural ingredients and 7 whole grains. The 7 whole grains that are mentioned frequently in the TLC snack crackers are; Oats, Hard Red Wheat, Rye, Brown Rice, Triticale, Barley, and Buckwheat. The snack crackers also have Sesame Seeds and some other preservative ingredients.

The Kashi label is also satisfying. One serving size is 30 grams or 1.06 oz. The serving only contains 120 Calories and 30 Fat Calories. Total Carbs are 21 g or 7%. The Kashi snack crackers also contain 3 grams of Protein. The informative label even includes Exchange information for Diabetics at 1 1/2 Carbohydrates and 1/2 Fat based on the Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetics.

Overall Kashi knows what they are doing. Now how does it taste? Great! I love the TLC snack crackers. They are a great choice compared to other snacks like cookies, candy, or other sugar packing items. The closest taste comparison that I can offer is this… Kashi Snack Crackers taste very similar to Wheat Thins. However, they have more flavor from the 7 grains included.

They taste good and are good for me to! I recommend trying them! Eat better and rid the world of not-so-healthy snacks.

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P&G Saver

Have you heard of P&G? Most of us have. We get a coupon booklet in the mail often from P&G that has coupons for top brands. Basically, if you are a cost cutter like myself, you like to use coupons on the more expensive products. I personally like trying things before I buy them. With P&G, I get name brand products for a fraction of the cost.

I recently signed up for P&G brand Sampler. I now get the samples right in my mailbox of the top brands. I cut out the paper coupons and purchasing products. I get the samples at home and am able to try products before buying them. I just got my first box which included Prilosec, Pantene, and Head and Shoulder’s products.

I will be trying the new products out and writing about them right here. Look forward to hearing about these products soon and in the meantime stop by P&G to get some great savings!

Ramblers Way

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Rambler’s Way Farm. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wool? No way. The only thing that came to mind was, "there is no way I want a wool sweater!" I thought they were uncomfortable and itchy. Not anymore! Ramblers Way has managed to make year-round, next-to-skin soft wool comfort wear. 

Ramblers Way believes in the interconnectedness of life. They grow, source, and produce 100% American natural wool comfort wear from their own superfine Rambouillet worsted wool. Ramblers Way uses ethical, environmentally sustainable practices for economic and social benefit of their local communities.
Ramblers Way is an honest company that has sustainability and a 100% guarantee on all of their products.

After looking around their web site, I decided to give wool another try. The shirts and hoodies look unbelievably comfortable. One piece really caught my eye, the Bias V-Neck Shirt. I am a major tee shirt woman and when it comes to clothing, nothing beats my favorite shirt. Currently I love my cotton tee, but decided I have to give Ramblers Way a try. It looks so sleek and comfortable. And no price is too much for a favorite tee. Also it comes is four colors that are all earthly. I love the solid, natural look. I can't wait to get one home and curl up in it for the first time!

I recommend visiting Ramblers Way for all American Comfort wear. Comfort your body with next-to-skin soft worsted wool apparel made on American Soil.

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