The Thrill of Brazil

No, that's not my hand. Image via Opi

No, I am not talking about the real Brazil! I am talking about Opi Nail Color. It is a bright red that is hot and tempting! I am familiar with Opi Nail Color from numerous visits to the Nail Salon. I have always loved the color tones and the long wear of it. The Thrill of Brazil is my first Opi Nail Color I have had at home. The closest place that I can purchase it is 46 miles away or opt for the online option. I have two colors now but I have only tried my Red and I really love it!

The color goes on thick and really only needs one coat, however I did two to make it last longer. I wore my Opi polish on my nails and toes and it lasted about a week before it began peeling away. It is very long-lasting. I don’t have any complaints about my Opi polish at all. It’s a great polish and I am completely happy with and recommend to all the ladies! Just one bit of information that may be helpful… do not use one of the nail polish removers in a jar. You know the kind that has the sponge inside and you roll your fingers in it to remove the polish. It did take my polish off, but the polish stained my sponge and stained my fingers bright pinkish red. I had to then use another polish remover with cotton to get all of that off. So, just a tip so that you do not do the same.

Opi has a large variety of colors and they have a very unique website where you can actually look at each color and change the skin tone and nail length of the hand. You are going to want to check that out for sure!