Let’s Get Moving

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sony has done it again! We were wowed when they released the Playstation 3, but now astonished with the newly released PlayStation(R)MOVE. Imagine experiencing a realistic, ergonomically designed system that has no limits.

Family game nights would be on a totally different level with the PlayStation(R)MOVE . With a wide variety of games including sports, action, party, family, and shooters; there is something for everyone in our family to enjoy. We have four children and game systems are a must have in our house. They make for great family time and now with the PlayStation(R)MOVE, we will be able to active while we play. I can picture us now, all gathered around taking turns with the handle battling it out with The Fight: Light's Out. I wonder if I could beat the kids? I will keep dreaming. I personally am more excited about Sony's selection of exercise games. I can play my games and work out all at once. The is going on my wish list along with the game Get Fit with Mel.

I am overly excited about the . I loved the Sony Eye Pet games and now I can have an over the top gaming experience with the Move controller. If you want to bring motion gaming exclusively to your existing PlayStation®3, get the MOVE bundle package for only $99! !

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Best Bread

Image via allrecipes.comMy neighbor was nice enough to give me a Magic Chef bread machine. I have wanted one for a while but didn’t want to fork out the cash for it. Well now that I have one, I have been experimenting with it and all kinds of bread recipes. I made some excellent banana bread very easily but didn’t have as much luck with basic white bread. I came out good tasting and edible but the crust just wasn’t as good as I thought it could be. I used my cook books and the magic chef instruction booklet to reference for recipes and still didn’t get it the way I wanted it. I finally decided to look online and found allrecipes.com by searching Google: recipe for bread machine bread.

AllRecipes.com does allow site membership but it wasn’t required. I also hand my hands full with supper when I submitted my search for the bread recipe. Within 60 seconds of searching, I found their site and the link took me directly to the right page and I was able to scribble it down, throw it in the bread machine, and resume supper. Thank goodness it was easy to find the recipe and get supper down all in one go! I have bookmarked AllRecipes.com and will be using it frequently. If you need a quick solution to a meal check out AllRecipes.com! By the way, the bread was perfect!

Spa Treatments #2

I hope that my readers enjoyed Spa Treatments #1. Spa Treatment #2 is on how to Get Velvety Hands! We all hold a lot of tension in our hands. Soaking them in warm milk with just a bit of honey feels relaxing and even better when we massage our tension points. This treatment brightens the skin tone and makes our hands look more youthful. Oh, and it always feels great to get pampered!

Here’s how to do it!

1. Pour 2 cups of comfortably warm milk in a large basin.

2. Add 1 tsp. of honey, a natural skin moisturizer.

3. Place both hands in the warm milk and relax for a few minutes, the start your massage: With your thumb, massage the center of your palm. Then massage the section between each finger. Finally gently tug each finger. Repeat on the other hand.

4. Remove your hands and pat dry.

Yields: 1 Application.

In 10-20 minutes we can pamper ourselves, while releasing tension and getting more youthful looking skin. Try this at home!

Clean it all with one swipe!

I am the clean queen! I must have a clean, well-kept home to feel comfortable and happy. I also am a mother of four kids. Let’s just say it gets a little messy. The counters need wiped, the television dusted, the windows need cleared of tiny little hand prints. Sometimes just grabbing the 3 or 4 cleaners and rags is a chore in its self. I grabbed the wrong one or I forgot to pick up the right rag. I walk back and forth from room to room getting everything in order.

Recently I found Pledge Multi Surface wipes and have fallen in love with them. I can use one cleaner for glass, wood, metal, and electronics. Now what cleaner can do that? Plus no rags. I use it and toss it. Cleaning made super easy. Another positive, they are perfume free. They have no scent and they are great for eliminating pollens which is very important in our household due to allergies.

The package came with 25 Pre-moistened wipes in a resealable package. It is the largest quantity I could find at my local shopping center. I would like to find a larger package and would purchase it again for sure. The Pledge wipes make cleaning so much easier. I have used them for dusting my laptop, PC, televisions and wiping counters, tables, and mirrors and windows. They leave everything streak free and clean.

Thanks to Pledge for another great idea! You have made this Mom’s life easier just with a simple wipe.

Aladdin- Takes the Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aladdin. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's a leading trend, going Green! And why shouldn't it be? We are saving our planet and eliminating waste and that is something to feel great about. Not convinced on going green? Here are just a few simple facts that may help sway you…

Seven million barrels of oil are used to produce the disposable bottles Americans go through in one year.

In the United States, 50 billion disposable water bottles are consumed per year; 137,000 per day; 1,585 per second. 

It costs about $165 a year to make drip coffee at home versus $636 to buy drip coffee at your local café. 

Unless we change our habits, 23 billion paper coffee cups will be thrown out in 2010. 

Nine dollars will generally cover a decent lunch out. If you buy rather than pack a lunch five days a week, you shell out about $2,350 a year.

It is a trending habit that is happening right here and we need to make a change. Are you up for the challenge? Aladdin has made it simple. What is the challenge? It's pretty simple. Give up everything for only 30 days to see how much of an impact it has on your life. Throw out the disposable paper cups, water bottles, or food containers and pick up some great, fun looking products from Aladdin.

A few months ago Aladdin made the commitment to give up disposable products and quickly realized all the bonuses. Remember having that hot cup of coffee in your favorite mug or a fresh lunch, and a sip of whatever within a hands reach?  The Aladdin products are made to make  it easy to reuse and everyone saves money too.

Are you up for the challenge? Visit Aladdin and browse their green products and join in on saving our planet and start your 30 day challenge today!Do The Reuse Challenge ! Aladdin has asked 9 families to accept the challenge and you can read about them on their blog and when you accept the challenge you can get discounts and free shipping on Aladdin reusable mugs, bottles, and snack containers. Also to get updates and the latest news: Aladdin on Facebook

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Become a smart shopper with Become.com

If you are like me, you believe shopping is fun and getting a great deal is even better! I do a lot of online shopping and I am always looking for the best deal. I like to compare prices, use coupons, and take advantage of daily deals. At Become.com I can browse the items that I want from a handful of companies and get deep discounts. And as if that wasn’t enough, Become has a monthly give away that makes shopping with them even more rewarding.

Become.com is like an online super store, they have everything! Combine that with easy navigation, editors picks, top lists, and quick guides to shopping… and you may never shop elsewhere again. After taking a long look at Become.com, it didn’t take long to realize I needed to shop with them for my kitchen project.

I was able to search the items I want to buy and compare them side by side. Become.com has  a major list of products including items listed at eBay, Wal-Mart, Amazon,  Home Depot, Target, and more. I have been excited to update my kitchen and found the best deal at Become.com because I could find the exact product I was looking for at a discounted price. I found a kitchen pantry cabinet for only $149.99 (a 50% discount) from JC Penny, four Rooster kitchen chair pads for only $12.99 from Ebay, and a stainless steel kitchen sink to replace my old porcelain one for $103 from AJ Madison! All great prices and I found them all from one site.

Why would you ever want to shop through any other site? Become.com is a holding station for all the best online deals. Visit Become.com to find what you are looking for today!

Helpful Resources

I can still remember back in 2005 when my doctor found my heart murmur at a regular check up. I was scared and knew very little about heart conditions. I was sent right away to the hospital to have an echocardiogram and ekg. I was then sent to Des Moines, Iowa to undergo stress tests and was put on a heart monitor to keep track of my heart rate and rhythms. It was all very scary to me. It is hard to understand Heart Conditions if you have never had one. I was relieved to finally know what was causing all of my symptoms I was having. I had no clue what was going on. In my experience, it is very hard to get a doctor to be frank. It just doesn’t seem to happen. They talk in circles and I am unable to understand half of it.

I have found a lot of helpful resources online over the last few years. To be honest, at times, they have been more helpful than talking to a doctor. Mayo Clinic is one that I visit often. It is very easy to navigate and find resourceful information about my condition. I was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse with left Ventricular hypertrophy. Big words, big scare, and equal side effects. It’s a nightmare sometimes. I found out from the May Clinic that

Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) occurs when the valve between your heart’s left upper chamber (left atrium) and the left lower chamber (left ventricle) doesn’t close properly. When the left ventricle contracts, the valve’s flaps bulge (prolapse) upward or back into the atrium. Mitral (MIE-truhl) valve prolapse sometimes leads to blood leaking backward into the left atrium, a condition called mitral valve regurgitation.

A lot of it seemed confusing to me at first, but it didn’t take long to understand my condition and navigate through the Mayo Clinic to see the whole picture.

The Mayo Clinic states…

In most people, mitral valve prolapse isn’t life-threatening and doesn’t require treatment or changes in lifestyle. Some people with mitral valve prolapse, however, require treatment.

I, myself, have only been treated with Advil to control my heart rate. The doctors believe that I could use a beta blocker for my tachycardia, but it is ultimately up to me because sometimes the side effects of the medication can be worse than the effects of the actual disease. The beta blockers will lower my heart rate but also will lower my blood pressure which happens to drop already. A dangerous situation that I have decided to avoid for now.

Thanks to the Mayo Clinic online I have been able to better understand my disease. I use it for resource anytime I am feeling sick or experiences overwhelming side effects. It has been a great resource and I wanted to share it with anyone who has a heart condition or for other with diseases they do not understand.

If you have Mitral Valve Prolapse please visit the Mayo Clinic.