Supercharge your memory #2


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Want an easy way to boost your smarts? It’s simple! Just take a break. Is there something you are trying to accomplish? Are you studying for an exam, trying to master a new task, trying to overcome something new? New brain-scan studies done at New York University show that taking a five-minute break every half hour helps make whatever you are learning stick. As a matter of fact, those who take frequent breaks actually absorb more fact as opposed to those who do not.

How does it work? Resting gives your brain a chance to catch up on encoding new information, explains coauthor Lila Davachi, Ph. D.

So, whenever possible. Take the five minutes and your brain will thank you!

Supercharge your memory #1

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Let’s face it, we all feel out of focus at some point in our life. Our memory gets a little fuzzy and we run at a slower rate than we used to. Well, there is good news! According to cutting-edge research, there are 5 ways to supercharge your memory and maximize brainpower.

Over the next few weeks, we will discover all 5 ways to do just this!

1. Want to sharpen your focus? Enjoy some green tea! A study shows that those who drank something with green tea’s active ingredients, caffeine and L-theanine, 10 minutes before taking a test to check their ability to pay attention outscored those who drank water. How does it work? Caffeine has the power to perk us up and L-theanine allows our brains to have more relaxed alpha brain waves. The result is both satisfying and revolting. You will feel alert and calm all at once! So go on… recharge and sharpen your focus by downing a cup of green tea, your brain will thank you.